Upper Limb Prosthetic Systems

We offer a wide range of upper limb prosthetic systems to fit many different needs. Whether you want to replace a limb for cosmetic purposes or desire the comfort and maximum function restoration available with advanced myoelectric and body-powered systems, we will create a custom prosthesis designed to meet your needs and preferences. We offer upper limb prosthetic systems for shoulder disarticulation, as well as amputations occurring above and below the elbow. We make prosthetics that feature:

  •   Passive and Functional
  •   Digital & Proportional Myoelectric
  •   Body Powered Control System
  •   Hybrid Control System
  •   Self Suspending Socket Design
  •   Pin Lock & Gel Liner Suspension

Lower Limb Prosthetic Systems

We offer lower limb prosthetic systems for disarticulation occurring at the ankle (symes), below the knee (transtibial), at the knee, above the knee (transfemoral), at the hip, and at the pelvis (hemipelvectomy). In addition to permanent prosthetics, we also offer prosthetics that can serve as transitional pieces, such as intermediary post-operative prosthetics (IPOPs) and preparatory prostheses that which help promote healing and allow for temporary monitoring of a new amputee’s progress during the adaptation period. We also offer specialty prosthetics that boast unique features, such as a light-weight design or capacity for use in the shower. Other lower limb prosthetic features include:

  •   Elevated vacuum suspension and silicone self-suspension
  •   PTB, TSB, and PTS/SC socket designs
  •   CATCAM designs
  •   Immediate post-surgical and rigid dressings
  •   Endoskeletal (soft, cosmetic prosthetics)
  •   Microprocessor Ankle & Knee System
  •   Powered Ankle & Knee System


When a woman loses her breast to mastectomy, breast prosthetics can restore symmetry and provide greater self-confidence in one’s physical appearance. We offer both partial and full-sized breast forms designed to replace all or part of the missing breast tissue. We also offer lightweight mastectomy braziers, which are often worn immediately after a mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstructive breast surgery.

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