We carefully fit each cervical orthosis until it provides the level of support and stability needed for the patient. We offer a wide range of rigid and semi-rigid cervical orthoses to aid in immobilization, treatment and rehab for trauma, degenerative disease, and post-operative healing. We also offer orthoses that help provide cervical traction and support for severe kyphosis. Our orthotics can be designed for short-term or long-term wear. Examples include:

  •   O.M.I.
  •   Philadelphia Collar
  •   Aspen Collar
  •   Miami J. Collar
  •   A.S.H. Brace
  •   Custom Designed Cervical Systems

Spinal Orthosis

Back braces are often used to treat spinal deformities, traumas, degenerative diseases and chronic back pain. They can provide stabilization (particularly following surgery or injury) as well as compression and joint support. We fit patients for many types of spinal orthotics, including those designed for constant wear and those designed only for wear during sleep. Examples include:

  •   TLSO
  •   CTLSO
  •   SI Belt
  •   Fitted Corsets
  •   Chair-Back Orthoses
  •   Boston Scoliosis Orthoses
  •   Charleston Bending Braces
  •   Jewett Hyperextension Orthoses

Lower Limb

Lower limb orthotics are used for a variety of medical purposes. They are most commonly used to provide support, limit motion range, minimize pain, and prevent the worsening of deformities. They may be prescribed following an injury or neuromuscular surgery, as well as for the treatment of diseases and disorders such as those causing muscle weakness or imbalance. We offer several kinds of lower limb orthotics, including:

  •   Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
  •   Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthoses (KAFO)
  •   Cam-Walker
  •   Neuropathy Walker/C.R.O.W. Boot
  •   PRAFO
  •   ACL Knee Brace
  •   Knee Immobilizer
  •   Hip Abduction Brace
  •   Un-Loader OA Knee Brace
  •   Dynamic Range of Motion Braces
  •   Rehabilitative & Prophylactic Orthoses
  •   Graduated Compression Garments

Therapeutic Shoes

We provide healthy custom-fit and custom-made footwear to accommodate nearly any medical need. Our therapeutic shoes are often prescribed for people with diabetes who require shoes with extra depth to accommodate custom orthotics. They may also be recommended to individuals who require greater arch support and heel stabilization than are available with traditional shoes. We also offer Dennis Brown Bar shoes for the treatment of club feet.

Foot Orthoses

Foot orthotics are in-shoe braces often used to facilitate soft tissue and joint healing, as well as restore normal function to the foot and lower extremities. These include accommodative orthotics, which are used to provide cushioned support in an area of the foot that is injured or painful. It also includes the more durable functional orthotics, which can be used to treat pain in the arch, joints, ankle, instep or heel. We currently offer:

  •   Diabetic Foot Orthoses (Inserts)
  •   UCBL Orthotics (for maximum control and support)
  •   Functional Foot Orthotics
  •   Accommodative/Corrective Foot Orthotics

Upper Limb Orthoses

Upper limb orthoses are used for a wide range of reasons, such as to provide immobilization, compression, and joint support required following an injury, surgery or in the treatment and management of a disease or disorder, such as lymphedema. This can help facilitate healing and also offer support to weakened muscles. We can fit patients with static upper limb braces that prohibit motion, as well as dynamic orthotics, which provide support while still permitting limited motion. Our upper limb orthoses include:

  •   Tenodesis Orthoses
  •   Humeral Fracture Brace
  •   Tennis Elbow Strap
  •   Thumb Spica
  •   Wrist Support
  •   Post-Op Shoulder Abduction
  •   Custom Orthoses

Pediatric Specialty Orthoses

We offer specialty orthotics to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients. Often, children are born with congenital muscular and joint injuries, dislocations or other conditions that require orthotic correction or support. Some of our pediatric orthotics include:

  •   Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthotics (AFO)
  •   Ground Reaction AFO
  •   Pavlik Harness
  •   Scottish Rite Orthotics
  •   Swash Orthotics
  •   Gait Reciprocating Orthotics

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