Wilver M. Gomes BOCPO, CP
Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist

Wilver Gomes - Action Orthopedic

Welcome to Action Orthopedic Company. I’m proud to announce that we have been recently awarded the VA Contract and are now ready to serve our Veterans with their prosthetic care. We salute our Veterans and are proud to be at your service.

At AOC, we believe in diversity, collaboration, innovation, technology, compassion, and coordinated care. We have led a team oriented approach where healthcare professionals come together to achieve a single goal; which is giving people back their mobility. Over the years I have seen the vacuum and disconnect that exist in our industry. At AOC, we found a way to fill the vacuum and create a coordinated prosthetic and orthotic care for our patients.

At AOC, our referring physicians can rest assured that their clients are fully satisfied. We work with our local hospitals, IPAs and insurance companies to provide the most cost-effective products and services without compromising quality of patient care. We work very closely with rehab departments and understand the crucial role therapist and wound care specialist play to help our mutual patients restore their freedom. Our administrative team are in constant communications with Case Managers and Charge Nurses in order to assure that all protocols are met to the highest standards.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and encourage you to do so frequently to learn more about our company and community.