Action Orthopedic Company is accredited by American Board for Certification and employs highly talented clinicians and administrative staff who work as a team to achieve the highest quality of functional outcome. Our staff understands the importance of team work, taking advantage of new technology, higher education, being compassionate and the art of learning from each other.

Our clinical team is very compassionate and utilizes the most advanced technology coined with years of experience to provide prosthetic and orthotic care to our patients. Our fabrication team, with superior craftsmanship, works hand in hand with our clinical team to ensure patient satisfaction is number one priority.

Our administrative team is ready to guide you through the entire process to ensure that you get the best care. our AOC team is goal-oriented and understands how crucial it is to work together with healthcare professionals, such as Physicians, Therapists, Case-managers, Caretakers, Nurses, and friends & families of patients in order to achieve successful outcomes.